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Geoffrey Holder: Anicka Austin in Conversation with Leo Holder

Leo Holder talks with Anicka Austin, Visiting Archivist for the Geoffrey Holder and Carmen de Lavallade papers at Rose Library, about the decades-long artistic career of his father, Bond villain, director, actor, dancer, painter, choreographer, and Tony Award winner, Geoffrey Holder.

Building Black Women's Archives: Talking with Monet Lewis-Timmons

English PhD candidate at the University of Delaware and an alumna of Emory University, Monet Lewis-Timmons discusses the geological and academic benefits of black women’s archives.

The Carbonas: Greg King and Jesse Smith

In this cross over episode, we dive into the Rose Library’s Atlanta Punk collection with Greg King and Jesse Smith of The Carbonas, a legendary Atlanta punk band from the 2000s.

Curiosities at the Rose: a beard, a king, and what Shakespeare is doing in the middle

We start the new season by discovering how two items in the collection, beard hair of a British Monarch and a rare book of Danish Kings, connect Rose Library and Shakespeare in a unique way.

What is a Community Outreach Archivist?

Behind the Archives host, Lolita Rowe sits on the other side of the mic to talk with her co-producer, Nick Twemlow, about community outreach, creating podcast series from scratch, and the impact of Lin-Manuel Miranda and LeVar Burton on her life.

What is a Rare Book Librarian?

Rare Book Librarian Beth Shoemaker talks about books as information rich records that contain a multitude of topics and different voices that invite readers, researchers, and many more to learn about the history of thought.

What is a Digital Archivist?

Head of Digital Archives Katherine Fisher demystifies digital archives and explains why items are not always available online.

What is an Instruction Archivist?

Instruction Archivist Gabrielle Dudley talks about her roles as a faculty coach and student advocate and how she and her team design meaningful engagement opportunities with the archives.

What is Research?

Society of American Archivist Vice President and Head of Research Services at the Rose, Courtney Chartier, talks advocacy of the profession, engagement with the community, and about her experience as one of the processing archivists for the Martin Luther King Jr. papers, the Voter Education Project, and the Tupac Shakur papers during her time the Atlanta University Center.

What is Curation?

Rose Library Assistant Director and Curator of Political, Cultural, and Social Movements Collections, Randy Gue talks about how he made his way into curation, shares secrets of the curatorial world, and considers how archives reveal how one person can make a difference.

What is Processing?

Head of Processing at Rose Library, Sarah Quigley, talks about the influence of mentor and archivist David Gracy II, recently passed, on her decision to become an archivist, the price of archival labor, and her favorite collection, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and its relevance today.

What is Accessioning?

Accessioning Archivists Meaghan O’Riordan (Rose Library) and Rosemary Davis (Beinecke Library) talk about what happens first when a collection arrives at an archive.